2016 Recreation Therapy Calendar

2016 Recreation Therapy Calendar

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Print out your recreation therapy calendar each month and fill it in as you go! Events from the Golden Carers calendar are also pre-filled.


Talita 19th Sep 2016
Hi Loreta, thanks for your feedback.
The 2017 calendars will be available this week!

Loreta 15th Sep 2016
I Used this calendar to take down notes as my diary and makes my work more easier to remember all events . We all do trying to plan ahead. Just wondering when is the 2017 calendar will be available?
Carolyn 13th Apr 2016
Any suggestions for images for the calendar? ie: soccer, birthday, exercise etc.

Talita 15th Apr 2016
Hi Carolyn,

What program are you using to create your calendar? In Word you can search for and insert clipart or other images.

We will be making available another version of the calendar with icons in it for those who prefer a more visual display. This will be available in the next few weeks. I'll keep you posted!

Thanks Carolyn.
simonne 13th Apr 2016
Thank you, just what we needed!
Talita 15th Apr 2016
Good to hear Simonne, thank you for the feedback.
Carolyn 6th Mar 2016
I am looking for a template for monthly calendars that includes pictures that correspond to special days. For example: St. Patricks Day, Valentines, Easter etc.
Kim 2nd Feb 2016
Violet 26th Jan 2016
thank you very much. this is a great help.
Sharen 3rd Dec 2015
Thank you.
Wendy 1st Dec 2015
Fantastic help. Thank you.
Pat 25th Nov 2015
Thank you this will be useful
kay 10th Nov 2015
Great calendar thank you
Patricia 6th Nov 2015
Thank you. A great help and time saver.