Recycled Magazine Scrapbooks

Recycled Magazine Scrapbooks

Member Submitted Alzheimer's 14 Comments

Beautiful scrapbooks made from recycled magazines. Make them to suit the interests of individuals. Thanks Kellie for this wonderful activity! ..

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Kellie-Anne 23rd May 2012
A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Recycled Magazine Scrapbooks
solange 23rd May 2012
What a great idea! I am thrilled you have shared it with our community. I am sure many of our colleagues will take your idea to heart. So simple and so effective. Well done. Thank you for the photos.
colleen 23rd May 2012
thankyou i make scrapbooks out of old calenders, but this is a new twist on this that i can also do, thanks again for sharing
Helena 12th Jun 2012
I have just made one the these scrapbooks after seeing this idea the other day. I got my residents to find any pictures to do with the Royals then we glued them into the book they have loved it.
now working on the Olympics so when ever I see an article I grab it. great idea not too stressing for high care residents and they can keep at it when they feel like it.
helen 27th Aug 2012
yes i have done this also, travel australia,travel overseas,stories of interest to older people,scapbooks on animals and children, and guess who this is famous people in australia and overseas..old and new movie stars folders
Kate 27th Dec 2012
what a great idea - you are the first night shift worker that actually does something for the residents (instead cleaning and documentation) etc. Love it and might try that myself :)
Jan 29th Jan 2013
Brilliant idea, I have lots of donated magazines in the home so will go and buy some scrapbooks tomorrow and get started on Thursday.
rosalie 9th Jul 2013
What an excellent idea Kellie.. How rewarding that would be .. i am going to try this one myself.. Thankyou for the idea :-)
Bianca 18th Jul 2013
Interesting way to engage Elders in an actvity that can promote reminiscence and also reveal more about their likes a dislikes.
Allison 6th Aug 2013
What an absolute great idea will definitely try it myself
Melissa 16th Sep 2013
Great idea , will definitely be giving it a go.
Joanne 29th May 2014
Great idea..I have used calendars from the Reject shop and they have beautiful pictures in them too and for want of floral pictures Better Homes and Gardens magazines have great ones.
sonia 30th Jul 2014
I use calendars, I leave posters on pin up boards around December requesting everyones old calendars. I laminate them and use them for place mats, I put them up on the pin up board in the residents lounge which I change every time I go in, it gives them something new to look at, I make the books as suggested, and I also use them for reminiscence.
Marion 2nd Dec 2014
Marion 2nd December 2014
Thanks Kelly-Anne - re Recycled Magazine Scrapbooks. I have made folders with plastic sleeves of pictures i've used from out of date calendars bought from the dollar shops. They are amazing. I have folders of Dogs & puppies, Cats & kittens, Blooms, Australian Flora, Aust Fauna, Aust Landscapes, Aust Icons, Spiritual verses, Dolls, Vintage cars, Birds, Teddies, Aboriginal art, Friendships, Christmas and many more. I leave them scattered around the activities area and it's very rewarding to see residents just paging through the folders sharing their pictures and talking about it with each other. The folders also come in handy for reminiscence sessions, as you can see from the titles. Look out now for the bargains on the 2014 calendars! MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!!!!

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