Australian inventions that changed the world

26th January

Australian inventions that changed the world

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Gail 30th Dec 2014
You forgot a few, wine casks, motor mowers, to name a couple - this is a good starting point, I will use this but I may leave out things they won't know. Good idea though
Eryl 27th May 2013
Rather liking this one as well... Clever Bunch, us Aussies. Thanks
debbie 24th Jan 2013
thanks for this activity. I used this today with our pre australia day activity at our day centre. most were amazed that we aussies invented these wonderful things. Are'nt we clever!!! It opened up a good discussion theme for our Australia day. Thanks for the information

Cheers debbie
Heather 22nd Jan 2013
Christine I did this activity with our residents today, we did a combine session with our hostel residents and high care residents and it was great, it lasted an hour and they enjoyed it so much they have asked to have it programmed to do each week. It was a great session that opened up so much conversation and socialising with all units. Thank you so much for sharing a great activity.
talita 13th Jan 2013
Wow! Thanks for sharing this article Christine, I was absolutely amazed at this list of Australian inventions!
Christine 10th Jan 2013
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