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Lydia 2nd Aug 2017
We play Po-Ke-No. similar
Vladica 28th May 2014
$2.00 shops/ reject / bargain shops and such
Kymberly 27th May 2014
Where does everyone get the large print cards? Kym
Mandy 12th Mar 2014
We play this but with the large print cards made into a bingo board with 4 rows of 4 cards stuck to cardboard. We tehn call out from a large print pack each card as we turn it over. Once a client has filled their card of 16 they shout Hoy and win a prize. The cleints love it
Vladica 21st Feb 2014
Excellent -re spongy plastic - will use it for sure
Adult Day Servicse 21st Feb 2014
We call a similar game to this,HOY.We deal a large print pack between 4 people which is 13 per person,then from another pack call the cards, first one out calls HOY. a prize is given. This is very popular at our Adult Day Centre

Vladica 19th Feb 2014
Both options very good
patricia 18th Feb 2014
We do similar card bingo, but use all the suits in a pack of cards.
Residents turn the cards over if they have the card and suit that is called out.
Winner receives a pack of small chips or a small chocolate.

Residents who have problems lifting the cards off the table I have purchased rolls of spongy plastic (cut it into the size required).Sold at Hot Dollar or any of the bargain stores. It creates a space between the table and the cards and residents can easily lift cards off the table

Maureen 18th Feb 2014
Instead of taking it from them get them to turn it over and at the end of the game get the residents to pass three cards to the player on their right.
Work well our residents love it.