This is an adaptable game to be played by two teams. It is recommended to make cards in two or three different levels: easy, medium and if the game proves popular make an even more challenging set of cards!


Gaylene 27th Jun 2016
We played this last week. What a hit. We where all laughing and teasing. Thank You..
Talita 27th Jun 2016
Thanks so much for the feedback Gaylene!
Sigrid 22nd Jun 2016
We played this today. It is great fun and very adaptable. We used categories like "What sport am I playing?" or "what animal am I", or "what job am I doing"? Great activity for everyone!
Talita 27th Jun 2016
What a great idea Sigrid! Thanks for your feedback!
Deb 21st Jun 2016
How exciting! An old fashioned game but not one I had thought of!!! Had fun thinking of some extra words. Going to try it today!!! Thanks for rekindling my memories GC!
Talita 21st Jun 2016
Thanks Deb! Love to hear how it goes.