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Clara 24th Jul 2016

Posted on the Forum

Hello-Does anyone remember the Activities 2 Go Magazine that used to be published each month? I am trying to locate any past copies.
Any help will be greatly appreciative.
This is my email.
[email protected]
jane 3rd Aug 2016
Hi Clare,
This is not what you asked for but wandered if "The Daily Sparkle" Reminiscence
News Paper would be of any interest. Used to find it quite helpful and it's still being

sandra 2nd Aug 2016
I have a years worth of those magazines....Love them and use them all the time.. I think they are copy write but we could maybe pop up some ideas from them :-)
Jennie 1st Aug 2016
They were a fabulous resource. I still use mine weekly for trivia! Have not found another magazine to match the variety.
Kylie 26th Jul 2016
we have old copies where I work. I refer to them quite often. they were a great resource
Talita 25th Jul 2016
Hi Clara,

This topic has come up a number of times. I believe publication was ceased in 2012.

Would you find it useful if we were to release a printable monthly magazine in pdf format?

Wishing you a lovely week.

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