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Debby 2nd Sep 2016

Posted on the Forum

Hi there
I love, love this site. I am from Canada and I was wondering if you have anything that pertains to our Country?

Thanks Deb
Talita 2nd Sep 2016
Hi Deb,

Thank you so much! Yes we have a category dedicated to Canada and many Canadian members.
Rose 21st Sep 2016
Perfect just what I was looking for also!!! I work in a 40 room retirement home with half of residents that have Alzheimer's or dementia
Kat 3rd Jan 2017
Hi Deb
Where in Canada do you live? I am in Brisbane, Australia, but am Vancouver born with relatives living in Newfoundland. I was thinking of finding an overseas facility to exchange a monthly email - like a pen friend style - to be shared with our Residents. (Our facility is 58 Residents, low and high care and dementia.)
Maybe I would share the email at happy hour. I have Residents interested in Canada and who have travelled there. Any chance you might be interested? Or could forward my interest to someone else?
[email protected]
We could probably come with all kinds of ideas if you had the time/interest? I've already checked the site golden carers have given you for Canada and love it!

Leona 6th Jan 2017
HI Kat,
I work in a facility in BC and would love to have a pen pal facility for our Residents! I will shoot an email of to you.


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