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solange 13th Jun 2012

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Hi Georgia, Thanks for your feedback. You are quite right, Bingo is over-rated. We have some articles coming out shortly with some activity ideas for high care and Alzheimer's condition. In the mean time here are a few things you may try:
planting seeds or seedlings
making a dream-catcher (instructions in July newsletter)
Sharing a joke
Polishing silverware
Stringing cheesels, popcorn and cheerios and hanging on a tree for birds
Make 'Happy Birthday' cards for friends and family (instructions on website)
Making home-made lemonade
Making fridge magnets with modelling clay (instructions on website)
Making a scrapbook of : royal family, American athletes/comedians/cars/beauty queens/great inventions.
Doing a puzzle together
Nursery Rhymes quiz (in website)
Making pom-poms (instructions in the July newsletter)
Tearing newspaper for papier-mache fruit basket
Making cookies or cake
Painting a picture (templates in website)

I hope this can help , and please, let us know which activity was successful.

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