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Marnie 15th Jan 2013

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I'm interested in running some armchair travel activities, however I've never ran one before let alone travelled much. I considered getting someone in to to do it but the cost is very expensive (almost uses all my budget).
Does anyone have any tips on running this kind of group in house or other tips to assist me?
kathryn 16th Jan 2013
Ihave gotten videos of certain countries, found interesting facts on the internet to share and served a food that is associated with that country.
Ron 16th Jan 2013
Hello Marnie
I think you're complicating yourself, this is not hard.
What you need is a computer that is connected to the internet.
If you don't have Google Earth already installed, go to up on the right there in blue it will say DOWNLOAD. Once it is running you type into the search box the address you're wanting to go to and it will zoom onto a map of that location. To see the property you move your mouse over to the right hand side of the screen and there you will see an orange coloured man, click onto the man and drag him to the spot on the map you want to view and there it is.
If you're still having problems get back to me at [email protected] and I will be able to send you some screen shots that explain it better.
Shirley 17th Jan 2013
Dear Marnie,
Usually with ARMCHAIR TRAVEL we provide a DVD on the particular Country chosen, I use to look up information about the country on the internet - Ask the kitchen to cook something thats eaten in that country eg: AUSTRALIA: BANGERS 'N' MASH, hope this is helpful. SHIRLEY NSW

Marcia 10th Feb 2013
I have lots of tips on armchair travel ideas too many to list on this site!
Thanks Marcia Sydney
Debbie 26th Oct 2016
I have an arm chair travel activity approx every second month or so. I have had guests from Cuba, Mexico,Estonia and others come in to talk about their county. We had dancers from Mexico, made quacamole, had a blast learned a lot. It is a lot of work but worth it. I purchased a few movies from the travel video store but a lot of them were marketing videos for tourism Do you have any good video for this activity of can you direct me to a website that has.
Thank you Debbie from Pembroke Ontario

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