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rosie 9th Jul 2014
hi can anyone give me ideas on how to have
a celebrate a country activity
Jeanette 12th Jul 2014
Not quite sure if I understand your question properly..but I had an Italian Day a few years ago. The kitchen cooked Italian food for lunch and we listened to Italian music while the residents ate.Leading up to the day I posted general information and photos about Italy on the walls around our facility. Since then I have purchased an iternet radio so that would also be good to tune into an Italian radio station. Is that what you meant?
rosie 16th Jul 2014
thankyou Jeanette ,
where would you get the general information and pictures
from for different countries , i know that you can get alot of info from the net , just thought there may be other resourses out there clubs ect
Carol 23rd Jul 2014
Rosie I am not sure where you are from but there is a multi cultural library where they lend you up to 10 items and pictures of the country you are visiting.
I am from SA and our library is on Henley beach road. Mile End.

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