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Deirdre 12th Nov 2014
Could others please share the tick sheet thy use to record residents activities. I am using one a present that isnt working. Thanks Dee
Darla 19th Dec 2014
Good Morning Deidre, Our facility tick sheet was ineffective as well. I found we revamped it to fit our activities, include grooming , walking, and independent leisure to your list.

Also at the bottom, leave several lined spaces for add in's; for example, "grooming section" could include, nails clipped and filed, hair appointment , electric shaving, lotion pampering ect.

Hope this helps.
jeanette 30th Dec 2014
Could others please share the tick sheet thy use to record residents activities thanks jeanette my email is [email protected]
jennifer 31st Dec 2014
Hi Darla,

I to am interested in what your tick sheet would look like as I am trying to revamp the one I am using at the moment.
Lisa 13th Jan 2015
Our tick sheet is just a list of the residents and their room numbers then at the bottom of the page, we have the date and about 4 -5 spaces to write the activities and the time of activity. then with a high ligher pen each activity is given a colour and those attending the activity is highlighted in that colour. By the end of each day you have a clear view of who attend what by the colours. Works a wonder for us. 1:1s can be shown by a dot or a x so it distinguishes them from group activities.

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