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Elizabeth 9th Apr 2015
has anyone out there have any neat ideas for bingo prizes for a nursing home that is very low functioning? I cannot give them candy or popcorn or thing in that nature so I need help....Thanks
Sally 13th Apr 2015
toothpaste, deodorant, bath wash(with a pump action) , picture frames, Dove soaps, Fans (hand)
Rosina 18th Apr 2015
we make up fruit bowls or biscuit platters, residents love them
Cathy 20th Apr 2015
How about; lavender sachets for the ladies and car air fresheners (paper ones) for the men, travel size shampoo and conditioner, tissues and body spray (try Reject shop for $1 bargains), op shops for nick nacks, books, jewellery, scarves.
Anne 20th Apr 2015
Hankies, Packets of Tissues, Combs you can buy for $2 a packet. Bars of Soap I wrap them in cellophane and tie a ribbon around, mini photo frames, sensory bags, ask staff if they have any toiletries from hotels they would like to stay in.

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