Creativity is a skill to be developed and cherished.   There are endless ways to train and exercise the brain.   The following exercises are good practice for creative thinking.  Gather a group of clients and find some  creative techniques to solve the following puzzles.

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Solange 14th Apr 2017
Hi Christine, I know what you mean, sometimes clients are so frail and despondent it is hard to motivate them to engage in any activities. You may try choosing some music popular in their era and play 'Name the song', all you need is a CD player and some CDs or use YouTube: start the music and let it play for 15 seconds; stop and wait for a response. You may also use play the game 'What's in the Bag?', place familiar items inside a bag, let client touch and guess. Place mobiles and wind chimes in their rooms for stimulation and change them every fortnight. Cheers.
Christine 13th Apr 2017
Hello I am the activity coordinator in a residential care unit. My Residents are all elderly ranging from 73 years to 101years and high care and are of high dementia and unable to physically & mentally participate in many quizzes & games . Many of them are unable to see which makes many of them reluctant to participate in any activities. I try to reassure them by reading to them and use of pampering sessions, lots of hugs & social chatting to them only for short periods as they seem to get very tired listening to me or unable to hear. I have provided lovely touchy feely smelling & listening activities from this site. If anyone has any ideas to pass on I would appreciate it.
Kim 18th Apr 2017
Have you thought about pet therapy. Small animals are a big hit at our facility. If your management is in favour you could try it.
Anne 14th Jan 2017

Talita 14th Jan 2017
oh thank you Anne, this means so much to us!
Maureen 26th Mar 2016
Brilliant although I did not use all exercises with all clients but overall response was great.
Talita 29th Mar 2016
Thanks so much for the feedback Maureen.

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