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Golden Carers provides a comprehensive catalogue of activites for the elderly. Our range of elderly activities is updated weekly and includes ideas for celebrating calendar events and special days.

Enrich the lives of the elderly you care for with our range of stimulating activities!

There are so many ways you can bring joy and fulfillment with thoughtful activities. Our range of assisted living resources includes activities for calendar events, male specific, one-on-one, arts & crafts, outdoor, multicultural, cooking, quizzes, trivia and much more.

It is important to keep elderly minds active and engaged with fun and stimulating activities. For the best results, make sure you tailor your activities to individuals by finding out what they are interested in and asking questions about their past. What sort of hobbies they enjoyed in younger years and what they did for a living etc.

Regardless of the age and ability of the elderly you are working with you can be sure there is an activity you can find that will suit each one!

Browse through our directory of activities for the elderly and documentation for the elderly in aged care facilities.

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Jodie Wynne - Assistant in Nursing
Jodie Wynne
Assistant In Nursing

“I absolutely love this website. I check my emails everyday hoping for a newsletter. The information and activities are the best, I use them all the time :)”

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