Most people have experience  filling out forms and this activity is a great reminder of how to do a simple life skill.  I've found this activity great for distracting those who 'want to go home', ask them to if they would mind filling out the paperwork first, sit them down, present them with a form, give them a pen, have a quick look in their care plan so you can help them with some of the info they may struggle with.

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Morgan 25th Aug 2016
A good way to find out if the resident is literate..and a means of diversion ..I am thinking of a percific individual whos behaviour deteriates every now and him a basic clear form on a clip board to fill in would divert his interest and provide esteem and calm him well. .. I digress and think these forms might be extended to include interests and hobbies..and could be used inormally to initiate volanteers. Or with permission from family..posted on a board the community can see who is in the unit and how there life experience relates to the individuals in care. Ie shared interest in marine animals... ex-truckies ..past and present feminists,etc..could be quiet fun.
Kristen 23rd Aug 2016
This is an interesting idea. Very few of my residents will write at all anymore, whether they're able to or not. They refuse, no matter what it is.
Lisa 17th Aug 2016
A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Fill out the form please