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Elaine 2nd Dec 2016

Posted in Aviation the Way It Was

changing my program for my male clients who had a pilots licence. They will be very interested in flying
Linda 1st Dec 2016

Posted in Paper Christmas Tree Centerpieces

Was there a video?
Karen 30th Nov 2016

Posted in Two Minute Activities for Dementia Care

Nothing better than to see the look in their face when you give them a hug or hold their hand. To make them feel we care is so important.
Sotiana 30th Nov 2016

Posted in Finish the Sayings and Proverbs Game

We are indeed blessed with this resources and honestly, how could I manage without Golden Carers!!!..amazing site.
Nita 29th Nov 2016

Posted in 13 Fun Brain Activities for Seniors

Great ideas...definitely going to incorporate neurobics from brand new year 2017. Merry Christmas and happy new year to Golden carers and all members around the world.
Jillian 29th Nov 2016

Posted in Creative Group Projects for Seniors

the information on the projects was very helpful when it came to implementing these activities. thank you
Tranquillity 29th Nov 2016

Posted in Two Minute Activities for Dementia Care

that is so sad not being able to give hugs.
We work in a very homely and careing rest home and always give hugs freely and sit down and talk to them, listening is very important
Solange 28th Nov 2016

Posted in Behavior Management for Dementia Care

Hi Sharon, thank you for your input. It is comforting to know that new approaches to Dementia Care is constantly being sought. With a little education and consultation these new principles and practices will replace the old fashion method to support the unique needs of clients living with dementia. Best wishes!
Rebecca 28th Nov 2016

Posted in Armchair Travel: A Sensory Experience for Seniors

For one of our multicultural theme days we had a belly dancer come in and do a dancing show then a talk on Egypt. We also had some Middle eastern sweets and afternoon tea. They loved it
Sharon Gronow 28th Nov 2016

Posted in Behavior Management for Dementia Care

I feel the topic of "Behaviour Management" and the approaches recommended are quite sad and very out of date. I would suggest reading the books written by Dr Allen Power and Dr William (Bill)Thomas from the organisation The Eden Alternative . Also check out the work of Dr David Sheard (Dementia care matters UK). It should never be about Behaviour Management but Trigger management and knowing your person well in as many aspects of their past and present life . Repetition comes with Alzheimer's Disease and often boredom. Repetition and other responses to people or situations are sometimes the only way the person can communicate. David Sheard suggests looking upon it as the person lodging a complaint. I would suggest that when the person smiles or interacts in a happy contented way that can also be considered an approval. To ignore another human being who is not aware they have already asked you something is cruel. I work for one of the peak bodies in dementia in Australia and this would not be considered best practice. I would also suggest that when you have tried working through a variety of positive strategies without success that the (unfortunately named) Dementia Behaviour Management Advisory Service (DBMAS) be contacted. They work with a non pharmacological approach and are now situated within Hammond Care across Australia. Finally rather than 'planned ignoring' we would suggest 'prescribed regular attention'. Shaz
Shelley 28th Nov 2016

Posted in Bucket Game

Shelley 28th Nov 2016

Posted in Campfire Theme Social

Great idea. Small groups can help prepare for the social. A writing group can write a short story to be read aloud. A computer 101 group can type out the lyrics to favorite campfire songs.
Shelley 28th Nov 2016

Posted in 13 Fun Brain Activities for Seniors

Elevate the idea of the herb garden make a pizza garden, planting basil and oregano, and use them to enhance a homemade pizza sauce. If a small container garden is possible, the tomatoes and peppers can also be used.
Liz 25th Nov 2016

Posted in 13 Fun Brain Activities for Seniors

Golden Carers, amazing!!! Not only providing brilliant activities for the elderly, but also stretching the brains of the carers themselves! Brilliant!
D'Ayrne 24th Nov 2016

Posted in Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

I am also desperate for the July-December calendar please. It is our main tool for booking in our Happy Hour entertainers. Thanks.
Kymberly 23rd Nov 2016

Posted in Remembering 1966

Great resource, thank you. Given my a great idea for 'this week in 19 _ _ ' type of activity :)
Diane 23rd Nov 2016

Posted in Charades #2

Thankyou so much , we have a lot of fun with this game, after all laughter is the best medicine at any age and we have plenty of laughter playing this game!!!
Sue 22nd Nov 2016

Posted in Left & Right Game

Could you please share this great site.
Kind regards
Sue Terbos
Glynis 22nd Nov 2016

Posted in Music Quiz - Match Song With Artist: 1960s

Fantastic, it creates a good sing-a-long as well as a quiz
Co.As.It Community Services Inc. 21st Nov 2016

Posted in Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

Hello just checking if we can print the July through to Dec 2017 Calendars. Thank You :)