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Shona 15th Sep 2017
Thank you for that form it will be very handy.This will make it much easier for me to check what activities have been offered for each individual person.
Christine 24th Mar 2016
Yes I agree with Jackie,
Thank you...this from is great for volunteers to use in our facility for the one on one visits.
I appreciate the from being in word version too.
It is a great tool in assisting residents who may have missed out some individual one on one time.
Thank you Maurice for the change to word.
Tangi 21st Nov 2013
Thank you for this form, as I usually "fill in" this will be great for my own records to enable me to work out future discussions/activities with the residents. Tangi
Shirley 14th Dec 2012
I agree with Jackie, this would be a good form for Volunteers - Shirley NSW
Jackie 1st Feb 2011
I find this form useful for my volunteers. I leave these monthly sheets in the folder where the volunteers sign in & at the end of their session they just write in who they have seen & tick on that particular day.It is working well.
Marina 23rd May 2010
Thank you, that form will come in handy. We usually put them all in together with daily activities tick sheets and that will make it much easier for me to check activities have
been offered for individuals