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Solange 13th Oct 2017

Word Game

Hi Roslyn, thank you for your feedback, it is much appreciated. Here are other words that have possibly 100 plus words: Unbelievable - Entertainment - Promotion – Distraction - Amusement.
All the best!

Solange 6th Oct 2017


Hi, Amanda, it depends on what subject you choose for reminiscing. For instance, if you choose 'Weddings', prior to the session you could borrow items related to weddings: dresses, costs, veils, bridesmaids, flowers, photo albums, etc. You may also introduce participants to the wedding traditions of other cultures such as Indian and Greek weddings. You will find other themes for reminiscing sessions in this link:
Solange 29th Sep 2017

20 Practical Activities for people living with Alzheimer’s Disease

You are quite right George. Activity & Lifestyle workers don’t enter the industry for the paycheck. However very few leave because they are passionate about their chosen profession. I can’t speak for Ireland but in most countries, Activity Professionals have a monthly budget; they certainly are not expected to pay for materials. I am afraid you are feeling down because you are overworked. Consider requesting Management for a monthly budget and place an add in your church or supermarket community board for some volunteers to help you out with the workload. We are all in the same boat, it is not a ‘rosy’ job, but oh! so worthy and fulfilling; it is a privilege to engage with our elders.
All the best.
Solange 29th Sep 2017


Hi, Hannah, with high functioning clients there is quite a number of possibilities. Here are a few ideas for activities:
Gardening - give clients some rubber gloves, potting mixture, and terracotta/plastic containers to plant flowers or vegetable seedlings.
‘Finish the story’ – Read them a short story but refrain from reading the ending. Ask a client or two to make up the ending. Then read the short story ending. Sometimes clients’ endings are better than the story's ending.
Sculpting – Creating with air dry clay is a delightful way to socialise and promote self-expression; a simple small pot for jewellery or vase for flowers.
Radio/Audio activities – Many visually impaired clients will enjoy the fabulous podcasts available these days; plays, comedy, short stories, documentaries. Find out what is available in your area.
Potpourri – Making potpourri sachets of dried herbs or flowers; lavender, rose, rosemary. They can be given away as gifts (Christmas is closing in!) or cherished.
Solange 26th Sep 2017


Unfortunately, Kathy, some clients are hard to motivate for many reasons, and gathering them into groups for activities is a real challenge. Observe if the clients ‘doing nothing’ are happy or sad (depressed). If they are happy, don’t worry, they have earned the right to ‘do nothing’ and we should respect that. However, if they seem sad it should be investigated. Depression is prevalent in long-term care. You probably would fare better if you did one-on-one visits, and if you don’t have the time, seek volunteers to read something meaningful to them, take them for a stroll outdoors, give them a hand massage, look at photos together, toss a ball, sort poker chips, string beads, fold napkins, sing songs.
Solange 19th Sep 2017

Prize Walk

Great ideas for token prizes Deanna. Thank you for your feedback.
Solange 16th Sep 2017

How to Run Group Exercise Sessions for the Elderly

Wonderful Edie! Thank you for sharing!
Solange 6th Sep 2017

Match Songs with Artists Quiz 3: Baby Boomers

Hi Rachel, thank you for your feedback. You are quite right, pre-war music has nothing to do with 1970s music. I guess what we had in mind was a little reminiscing; people born in the 1930s and 1940s would be raising children in the 1960s and 1970s and would remember songs from this time - The Beatles and The Seekers to mention a few. We wanted to provide reminiscing for the time when pre-war seniors were raising their children. It may have been one of the best times in their lives.
Solange 6th Sep 2017


Hi, Janey, this is a wonderful idea. You may play it as an Intergenerational activity or with staff residents' relatives, and volunteers. When School children visit the facility you have them placing themselves in front of each wheelchair when the music ceases. Joy and giggles will ensue.
Solange 5th Sep 2017


Thank you, Kathleen, it is a lovely way to celebrate birthdays.