Make your own sensory quilts to ease agitated or restless clients.
Thank you Chantal for this wonderful idea!
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We have a dementia specific wing in our hostel which has some residents who the Lifestyle team believed would benefit from some sort of sensory 'settler', especially in the afternoons during sundowning.

So, we came up with the idea of sewing a Sensory Quilt for their lap which we place on their lap when they are getting agitated or restless.

The quilts were cut and tacked during a sewing session and one of the residents sewed it all together.

She added zips, assorted types of material, wooden beads, roping, ribbon etc to add to the tactility of the quilt.

I have attached a photo of the completed quilt and am very proud of our residents.

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MaLourdes 8th Feb 2017
The sensory lap quilt is very nice. I will try to make one for our residents.
Jacqui 5th Nov 2015
great idea especially the idea for mens lap quilt thanks
Lynne 13th Mar 2014
I have made a sensory mat specifically for gentleman: made out of 2 layers of heavy denim sewn in grids. I slipped a flat non-rusting metal washer into each grid before sewing the lines closed to provide weight, texture, and movement for exploring hands. On the "top" layer of denim, before sewing the grids, I attached leather lacing to be tied and untied, metal rings, a large "blokey" zipper, and even a man sized gardening glove sewn to the edge so a hand could be placed in the glove and used to explore the different textures. It is not as colourful as my Ladies lap mat but certainly suits the men.
clare 8th Apr 2016
Thank you all so much for these fabulous ideas,especially love the quilt for men idea. We have a high number of men in our high dependency unit,and it is a challenge at times to find ideas that will help settle and relax them.
Kate 21st Feb 2013
great idea
Margaret 17th Feb 2013
love the sensory mat. I have been looking for one of these but now we will make this as an activity.
colleen 13th Feb 2013
Well done
Chantal 11th Feb 2013
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