The Social & Cultural Profile Form is an important part of the overall assessment of each individual entering long term care.

Tools for Activity Staff working in Aged Care.

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Debbi 30th Mar 2015
Awesome thank you very much, my students loved the simplicity of the layout.
Darla 17th Aug 2014
A very good tool. Similiar to one we use in facility, but much more thorough and encompassing all areas.
maggie 13th Aug 2014
Thank you, this document is a useful tool for leisure and health
Jasmine 13th Aug 2014
Thank you for sharing this great resource.
Lauretta 12th Aug 2014
This covers very useful information expressed simply. It will be a very useful tool for day-care managers and recreation staff in all aged care facilities.
Sandy 12th Aug 2014
This is brilliant, thank you so much. I run a centre-based day service and this is a wonderful tool to use.

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