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Laura 17th Jan 2017

Posted in Australia Day Indoor Beach Volleyball

We played this last week and it was nothing short of fantastic! The laughter we all shared ignited by a fierce competitive spirit was priceless!
Claire 17th Jan 2017

Posted in Green Quiz

Will have to change a few of these to suit my residents as we're iin the UK and I don't think they'll know some but a great quiz. Will let you know how we get on.
Claire 17th Jan 2017

Posted in Fun Quiz - Answers contain the word OLD

Sounds like fun. Will try this in our next brain training session.
Dianna 17th Jan 2017

Posted in Martin Luther King Day Crossword

This is so helpful. Love golden carers website.
Pam 17th Jan 2017

Posted in Free Activity Calendar for Seniors

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that you turned the Calendar from Portrait to Landscape...now can you offer an option to start the month on Sundays instead of Monday?
Danita 17th Jan 2017

Posted in Match Songs with Singers

I just joined today. I am very EXCITED! I've been doing activities for 10 years, but get stuck doing the same 'ole things and in a rut from time to time. I ask for ideas, but no luck. I have jumped on here and in 2 minutes, already have 2 great ideas! TRULY LOOKING FORWARD to what's in store for myself and my residents this year!!! THANK YOU!!!
Lowana 16th Jan 2017

Posted on the Forum

Hi everyone. I was wondering if anyone has a user friendly Pet Application/Agreement form that they use for pet therapy sessions?
I have the aged care approved form, but its not very user friendly and I think it deters volunteers from applying. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Gemma 16th Jan 2017

Posted on the Forum

that's a great idea Solange. thank you.
Maree if you speak to your colleague that would be fantastic.
its so hard to find the right activities for everyone in a hospital environment when patients change all the time
Marina 16th Jan 2017

Posted in More Poems for World Poetry Day

A great idea!
Solange 15th Jan 2017

Posted on the Forum

Hi Rita, depending on the stage the client is, he may like to listen to Talking Books which you may borrow from your local library (find out what genre he likes). Also, find out what kind of music he likes and if not possible play Top 40s music from the time he was between 20 to 30 years old. Be aware that he may be very happy or very sad, and it is o.k. to be sad. If he cries he is releasing hidden emotions. Sit with him and hold his hand for a while.
Solange 15th Jan 2017

Posted on the Forum

Hi Gemma, you could make a booklet of activities, like: Fun Riddles, Spot the Differences, Word Search, Words in Words, Crossword, and Short stories to give to individual clients. For groups of clients I would suggest Pot Luck Quiz, Who Am I? Name the Love Songs, Things that Go Together, and more. If you have a white board, Word Game is a fabulous sort of entertainment. Check the links below. Best wishes.

U.K. related material
Marie 15th Jan 2017

Posted in I Went to Market Game

I used this activity for a small group of dementia residents and after the second try they were having fun.. They told me it was fun trying to recall what each one had said. At the end of the activity residents began to improve on there socializations, and helping each other to recall what was said and what they purchased at the market. Using the market idea was excellent. Thank You. Marie. USA
Faith 14th Jan 2017

Posted in Rosh HaShanah Apple and Honey Cream

This is a Jewish Hoilday ... we celebrate this at the nursing home I work for
Anne 14th Jan 2017

Posted in Creative Thinking Exercises

Jacqui 14th Jan 2017

Posted in Hand Massage & Nail Care

I always use nail polish remover after doing a hand massage if I'm going to be painting nails to remove any hand lotion from fingernails or the polish wont stay on. I think its great to be done on a regular basis nothing worse then scruffy nail polish.
Jacqui 14th Jan 2017

Posted in Dining Room Cafe

great idea also for my lady that has dementia and we have some one on one time I could set up with a different theme for interest for her thanks
Jacqui 14th Jan 2017

Posted in Mannequin for different occasions

hi like this idea another thing of interest for them
Jacqui 13th Jan 2017

Posted in Recycled Dream Spring Tree

Hi really like this idea for Easter for something different thanks
Maree 13th Jan 2017

Posted on the Forum

Hi Jerri
My role is PAG co-ordinator.
I don't know if this helps, our aged care activities co-ordinator tries to involve family members wherever possible, inviting a family member to BBQ's, to BINGO on a Thursday night and also to Christmas lunches and other events. They are always encouraged to join in any activities. And obviously...they always need to feel they are listened to.
We feel that our relationship between staff and relatives is pretty good here, obviously with hiccups!
Maree 13th Jan 2017

Posted on the Forum

Hi Clara.
First of all...my grandmother's name is Clara and she turned 102 the other day!
Anyhoo...I also used to use these magazines all the time and have some old copies. Honestly I tend to use the golden carer's resources more these days, but occasionally dig one out to find something.