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Shannon 28th Oct 2016

Posted in TV & Movie Quiz 1

Pechola, you can get pictures of many famous people from Wikipedia.

Be careful with where you access your images as they can often be covered by copyright. If you can, source images that use the creative commons licencing (CC) as these are free and legal to use! Wikipedia use CC and you can also do a CC search on Flickr.com

For more info about creative commons visit this site http://creativecommons.org.au/
Francis 28th Oct 2016

Posted in Catch Phrases Quiz

My residents love these Quizzes. they are usually a daily thing. So good for their thinking skills!
Solange 28th Oct 2016

Posted in Read Aloud Activities for the Elderly

Hi Jennifer, thanks for sharing.
Kathleen 28th Oct 2016

Posted in Match Songs with Movies

a cd of the songs would be great and easy to use
Heather 28th Oct 2016

Posted in Trivia with Exercise

This sounds like a great idea. I am going to try this out for my evening program. My residents like trivia so giving it a twist will be so much fun.
Brenda 28th Oct 2016

Posted in Match Songs with Movies

It looks like you have the list movies but we need to download songs?
Jennifer 27th Oct 2016

Posted in Read Aloud Activities for the Elderly

I am a therapist with the geriatric population at a state mental hospital. This is made up of dementia patients as well as those with other illnesses. Reading to them is very relaxing to them as well as me. I have a large collection of Chicken Soup for the Soul books. I have found the stories very well taken by the patients and the stories are not long. There is a very large collection (100+) books to choose from. I highly recommend them!
Madonna 26th Oct 2016

Posted in Fun Riddle 27

This has to be up the top of my Golden Carers Hit list! Great for the mildly cognitively impaired who still want the stimulation and engagement. Keep them coming
Debbie 26th Oct 2016

Posted on the Forum

I have an arm chair travel activity approx every second month or so. I have had guests from Cuba, Mexico,Estonia and others come in to talk about their county. We had dancers from Mexico, made quacamole, had a blast learned a lot. It is a lot of work but worth it. I purchased a few movies from the travel video store but a lot of them were marketing videos for tourism Do you have any good video for this activity of can you direct me to a website that has.
Thank you Debbie from Pembroke Ontario
Jenny 26th Oct 2016

Posted in Tongue Twisters

So funny, I must try these soon, I am still laughing.
Judith 26th Oct 2016

Posted in Mosaic Saucepan Rest

Your activities are great,I use them with my activity group they love them.
Yass Valley Aged Care 25th Oct 2016

Posted in Herb Brooms for Halloween

this was great to do
Susan 25th Oct 2016

Posted on the Forum

Hi everyone. . I would like to offer variety in our exercise program and am wondering has or is anyone doing sit down yoga exercises. If so, would you be happy to share. Many thanks
Solange 25th Oct 2016

Posted on the Forum

Hi Jennifer, how strange that a Recreational Therapist is called an ‘Activity Assistant’. They have completely different roles.

For your assignment, it is best to ask the Therapist how she breaks up her working day. She may take half an hour to create a therapeutic plan for someone whose health has recently deteriorated or she may use some time to record and analyse the progress of clients. She would use some time teaching clients how to cope with anxiety or depression and evaluate Care Plans.

I hope this helps.
Amanda 25th Oct 2016

Posted in Giant Snakes and Ladders for any size group

Where did you purchase your game board? Cost?
Carol 25th Oct 2016

Posted in TV & Movie Quiz 1

You can Google the actors/actresses names and print their photos from Google Images.
Carol 25th Oct 2016

Posted on the Forum

Sounds Great! Please share Kymberly :)
karen 25th Oct 2016

Posted in Sing-Along with Picture Cards

Great Material ...Thank you .Does anyone have links to more international songs for this sing along and pictures idea?
Chime 25th Oct 2016

Posted in Scent Guessing

I have made play dough and mixed in baking flavours and colours like caramel, lavender, lemon, orange, peppermint and vanilla. They were great to make shapes from too adding a 'touch' element. I put them in separate zipper plastic bags for a 'what do they remind you of..' Reminiscence session.
I love
Anglicare - Karen 24th Oct 2016

Posted in Pancake treat

What a good idea. I've been looking at our start of year calendars for next year and our Bus Outing day falls on Shrove Tuesday. I didn't even think to cook our own. I was going to try to find a place that would be willing to put on a "Pancake Buffet" with lots of toppings available. Kind of like an Ice cream bar but with pancakes. Maybe I'll do it myself though :)

Danielle, Lifestyle Assistant