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Anglicare - Karen 5th Dec 2016

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WE have just made up some little bauble trees using a large roll of ribbon with a knitting needle sticking out the top and different sized baubles threaded onto the needles.
I also made little "Thank you for a great year" notes and rolled them into scrolls and wrapped a white pipe cleaner around each, I then added pipe cleaners bent into the shapes of mistletoe, reindeer antlers and stars. I used red pom poms for the reindeers' noses and the mistletoe berries. I will place these on the plates for each client

I hope all that made sense, I don't have any pictures to show you at the moment
Solange 4th Dec 2016

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Ideas for affordable Christmas gifts: Non-greasy hand lotion, soaps, hand-warmers, woolens socks, crocheted lap blanket, shampoo, conditioners, dried fruit boxes, chocolates, body wash, bath puff scrub, succulents and other plants, a bottle of Sherry, an air tight container with some cookies, a framed photo of client and closest relative, a box of marzipan. Best wishes!
Solange 4th Dec 2016

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Hi Kymberly, sitting down dancing is a meaningful activity that promotes laughter and social connections. You may promote it as a sing-along or a ‘Movement to Music’. Being a qualified recreation staff you have the knowledge and the common sense to conduct a safe sitting music exercise. Best wishes!
Solange 4th Dec 2016

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Hi Julie, yes, sometimes the activity finishes early than expected and it is nice to have some ready-made activities to fill the gap. Here are a few ideas you can have on handy for those occasions: distribute “Spot the Differences” game, a quick quiz, get the dictionary and ask for some antonyms and synonyms, playing hangman on a white board, reading a few jokes or a poem, balloon tossing, cutting pictures from magazines for a poster. Best wishes!
Solange 4th Dec 2016

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Hi Adele
Welcome to a worthy profession! The Activities Program should be as varied as possible so clients can choose what appeals to them. I would say, a Program that offers a mixture of activities to cater for social, physical, emotional, spiritual, cultural, and personal to suit the needs of clients. Also, try to have two or more activities going at the same time (which sometimes is not possible if you are on your own). It is important to have volunteers to give you a hand; to come once a week to read (poetry, short stories, religious texts) for a small group of two or three clients while you manage the main group. Sensory group activities are excellent to reminisce and socialize. Here are some ideas for sensory activities: Nail grooming, scent guessing, sensory pouches, soap making, sensory boxes, foot spa, essential oil massages, fabric scraps sorting, sensory lap quilts, taste guessing, and many more. Check Golden Carers for examples of Program Activities. Best wishes!
Inga 3rd Dec 2016

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Kymberly 2nd Dec 2016

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Anyone have any ideas/pics/websites for decorating the table for a Christmas morning tea? :)
Elaine 2nd Dec 2016

Posted in Aviation the Way It Was

changing my program for my male clients who had a pilots licence. They will be very interested in flying
Linda 1st Dec 2016

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Was there a video?
Julie 1st Dec 2016

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Throughout the day in our day program, there are several times when one activity might end earlier than anticipated and another activity has not been scheduled or planned to fill the gap. These gaps take place around transition times such as snack, lunch or at the end of the day when waiting for transit to arrive. Participants are often sitting quietly waiting for staff direction of what to do next. Staff try to fill these 10 or 15 minute gaps by suggesting participants utilize the washroom or chatting with some of the participants but some are still left sitting in silence wondering what to do.
Does anyone have any ideas on activities/programs that we could implement quickly and with little preparation time???

Thanks in advance!
Karen 30th Nov 2016

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Nothing better than to see the look in their face when you give them a hug or hold their hand. To make them feel we care is so important.
Sotiana 30th Nov 2016

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We are indeed blessed with this resources and honestly, how could I manage without Golden Carers!!!..amazing site.
Hanif 30th Nov 2016

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Hi everyone

I am Adele and totally new to the world or residential homes and activities. I have recently begun working as the activities coordinator in a group home with approx. 40 residents with dementia/Alzheimers, all affected at different levels.

Does anyone have any advice for me on how to make for a great activities programme? And also how to make sure I can involve everyone (or as many as possible) from mild to the more advanced residents. A lot of who can't get around at all without the help of a carer. Is there a way I can make sensory work without being to repetitive or boring or ever child like.

Again I am very new to this, I have downloaded and researched quite a lot but nothing quite helps like the advice of people already in the job. I do expect a lot of trial and error with a few activities but would be very grateful for advice and help to push me to be the best I can be.

Thank you

Nita 29th Nov 2016

Posted in 13 Fun Brain Activities for Seniors

Great ideas...definitely going to incorporate neurobics from brand new year 2017. Merry Christmas and happy new year to Golden carers and all members around the world.
Jillian 29th Nov 2016

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the information on the projects was very helpful when it came to implementing these activities. thank you
Tranquillity 29th Nov 2016

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that is so sad not being able to give hugs.
We work in a very homely and careing rest home and always give hugs freely and sit down and talk to them, listening is very important
Solange 28th Nov 2016

Posted in Behavior Management for Dementia Care

Hi Sharon, thank you for your input. It is comforting to know that new approaches to Dementia Care is constantly being sought. With a little education and consultation these new principles and practices will replace the old fashion method to support the unique needs of clients living with dementia. Best wishes!
Merrin 28th Nov 2016

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A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Kindness Advent Calendar
Activities - Bedingfeld Park Inc 28th Nov 2016

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thanks for the posts we are going with edible gifts
Activities - Bedingfeld Park Inc 28th Nov 2016

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Hi Kymberly, I would love a copy have been considering doing charades but have not had the time to get the resources as yet