Activity Goals Presentation

Activity Goals Presentation

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Vicki 13th Feb 2019 Leisure & Health Facilitator
I just joined and keen to browse through the materials, concept, ideas I can incorporate with my work.
Talita 17th Feb 2019
Welcome Vicki! I hope you enjoy being a part of this community!
Gina 9th Jan 2019 Owner Of A Family Care Home
I just joined and I am so excited, I have had my Family Care Home going into my 16th year. Always looking for new ideas, activities and redirecting methods that do not involve medications.
Talita 12th Jan 2019
Welcome to the community Gina!
Violet 10th Jan 2018 Activity officer
Thank you. very interesting and I can use some of the ideas for the seniors.
kay 22nd Dec 2015
Very well put together some very interesting ideas thank you