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solange 28th Nov 2013
Hi Maria, Turn your idea into a 'name finding' game. Gather a few residents and read them a list of the most played games in Casinos; let them choose one. Then add a personal word to identify the group. It could be the name of your city, or area or facility. I could also be name of animals; either Australians or African animals or any other adjective the residents like.
For instance: Brisbane-Roos or Keno-Rabbithos or Bupa-Foxes or Roulette-Devils.
Popular games: Roulette - Black Jack - Slot - Baccarat - Pai Gow - Caribbean Stud - Money Wheel - Keno - Kauda (the oldest gambling game in Asia).
Maria 27th Nov 2013
It's a great idea thank you. I need your help ! what name to give to a game relate to TAB beting? something exciting
kerry 4th Nov 2010
What a beautiful and simple idea. I love that you have used Australian native flowers that can be found in most nursing home gardens. I am sure that my residents will love making one of these wreaths for Advent
Skye 17th Oct 2010
A wonderful idea. Is there any significance for the pink and purple candles?
Solange 17th Oct 2010
It was once tradition for the Pope to give someone a pink rose on the fourth Sunday of Lent before Easter of cheer up the solemn nature of that season. Before the commercialization of Christmas, Advent was also a very solemn time for Christians; people use to practice fasting and repentance; hence the pink rose became the pink candle to 'liven-up' the tone of the season.