Updated for 2022! AFL Tipping spreadhsheet with formulas to automatically calculate each person's tally. Score cards for each round of fixtures included!

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30th Jan 2023
That you so much for this! New to the role and in a new village and just got a request this morning and so glad I have something to follow!!
Talita 16th Jan 2023
The AFL scorecards have been updated with the first 15 rounds for 2023!
Jordan 3rd Jan 2023 Activities Coordinator
Is anyone doing the AFL Footy Tipping for 2023? It worked great last year
Thanks Jordan
Talita 4th Jan 2023
Thanks for the remind Jordan, we will get onto this!
Talita 27th Jul 2022
Updated to the end of the season!
Kim 25th Jul 2022
Just wondering if you could please update AFL tipping sheets from Round 20 to round 23. Does not have the dates they play only the friday July 29th and teams. Thank you
Talita 24th Jun 2022
Hi team, the AFL fixtures have been updated, there was a problem with Round 16!
Nicole 24th Jun 2022 Lifestyle Facilitator
Thank you so much
Nicole 23rd Jun 2022 Lifestyle Facilitator
Just noticed on round 16 Carlton are listed as playing twice ?
Talita 16th Jun 2022
Updated to round 23!
Aegis 16th Jun 2022
Thank you so much!
15th Jun 2022
Hi, when will rounds 16 and onwards be available?
Lisa 18th May 2022 Diversional Therapist
Hi this is great but is there any way we can get the Name put on the top of the form from round 11as I am unable to change that because it is in a PDF
many thanks
Talita 18th May 2022
Fixed! Thanks for pointing that out Lisa!
Michelle 10th May 2022 Nuring Unit Manager
Can we have round 10 onwards updated please?
Talita 10th May 2022
Rounds 10 to 15 have now been added!
Renee 28th Feb 2022 Program Coordinator - Volunteers
Thank you for this it is a great help :).
Talita 3rd Feb 2022
The first 9 rounds for 2022 are now ready to print!
Talita 19th May 2021
Rounds 11-15 have now been updated!
Janelle 19th May 2021 Nurse
Please can you update the rounds 11 onwards so that I can print them off for my client's to fill in.
With thanks.
Talita 26th Apr 2021
Updated for rounds 9 and 10!
Carmel 21st Apr 2021 Co- Ordinator
Hello just printed new rounds from week 6, I have found start of round 7 is at the bottom of the page
Not sure why 2 rounds on 1page cant print individual rounds like 1 to 5 have to get tipping from a different site
Talita 21st Apr 2021
Thanks for pointing this out Carmel, this has been fixed.

We are still waiting for the dates and times to be confirmed for Round 9 going forward.
Talita 12th Apr 2021
The AFL scire cards have been updated for rounds 8 & 9!
Janelle 12th Apr 2021 Nurse
Please can you tell me when you will be updating the footy tipping sheets for the 2021 rounds after round 6. I would like to be able to print them off in the next week. Thanks.
Stephanie 15th Mar 2021 Lifestyle Facilitator
Will this be updated for round 7 and onwards?
Mary 11th Mar 2021 Residence Manager
Thank you to whoever is putting this together, its a great resource. Can I ask, will the rounds keep getting updated? As I can only see up to round 6 currently. Thank you!
Talita 15th Mar 2021
Thanks for your feedback Mary. Yes, these will be updated once the dates have been released. The AFL only released the details of the first 6 rounds so far. Thanks Mary!
Talita 15th Jul 2020
Updated to Round 8!
Talita 10th Jul 2020
These have been updated again everyone! Up to round 7 now...
Janette 10th Jul 2020 Programs Officer

Talita 9th Jun 2020
AFL fixtures have been updated due to Covid-19. We will keep updating as new rounds are announced.
Robyn 8th Jun 2020 Lifestyle Coordinator
Just an annoying thing is that, with COVID-19 disruptions, the fixture is now completely different to the one on this site. The first round is complete and only the next 4 rounds have been announced. The games are not the same as the original with a new date, they are different so need updating. The fixture from Round 6 has not yet been announced.
Talita 8th Jun 2020
We will get it uptodate Robyn, thanks for the reminder!
Nicole 5th Mar 2020 Lifestyle Assistant
I find it easier to just cross out the losing team each week on the sheet attached - easier to track as only one sheet per tipper.
Talita 5th Mar 2020
Updated for 2020!
Shanna 4th Mar 2020 Lifestyle Coordinator
When will the 2020 footy tipping information be released?