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Wendy 3rd Mar 2017
This week we went to spotlight and they have material you can purchase which is a map of the world you just need 1 panel cost was around $13.00 we will use this as a wall hanging back drop.
Sally 25th Sep 2014
We have done this twice with Great Britain and France and are about to do Italy. We do some language learning, try food, watch a dvd and have the books from the Library for a few weeks. I would like to talk to the local radio show about being interviewed as I would like to get some community input.
wendy 14th Jan 2014
would like to make a passport for each of the residents who attend. Any ideas of how to do this, a nice and resourceful way.
Donna 18th Jan 2018
Yes, I found a pattern on Pinterest. It gives you the blank template. I made colored copies, cut them out and stapled them together. It looks like a real passport (kind of - haha) and I fill in their information and cut out a picture of them. It comes with some stamps from countries around the world. I copied them, cut them out and each time we do an armchair travel, I pass out the passports (I hold onto them so they don't get lost) and after out activity, I collect them and put the stamp of that country in. The residents like to see how many "countries" they have visited. Very cute idea!!
sally 20th Sep 2013
I got both the globe and the book from a book shop in Noosa called Mary Ryan Noosa ph 54554849 ball $14.95,book $29.99 back on 24th Feb,cheers sally
dorothy 16th Sep 2013
where do you get 100 cities of the world resource
Lynne 14th Sep 2013
I've tried this with a globe on a stand, but the ball would work so much better.
Wendy 14th Sep 2013
we do a similar thing each only we pick the country we sourced dvd from the library some times and every three months we take it that step further and decorated for the week tried foods activities for the week and dressed up one day and got staff to dress up also and took lots of photos