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cheryl 28th Sep 2015
Fantastic idea! looking forward to trying this with our folks!
Patricia 29th Jan 2014
Tried it, worked beautifully! Great idea, thank you!
robyn 20th Dec 2013
Having been doing this for 12 mths .. Really enjoyed
Ron 16th Aug 2012
Talita, while you are fixing spelling mistakes for me, HMDI cord mentioned in Armchair Travel setup should read HDMI.
talita 21st Aug 2012
No worries Ron, I have fixed this!
Allison 13th Aug 2012
I introduced my group to the world of "Google Earth" last week on the smart board in our group room, and it was a huge success! Lots of reminiscing and a few happy tears! Some of our clients who haven't seen family members in a long time also went on a"virtual visit", with the group dropping into Poland, Scotland and Germany. It's a great idea and cant wait to do it again.
Lynn 31st Jul 2012
Thanks Ron for sharing, I am going to put this activity up via our improvement log as we have no laptop or internet access and this hopefully will achive it for us in therapy, & I can certainly see the residents gaining enjoyment.well done & keep sharing.
Sheree 31st Jul 2012
wow that sounds very cool
colleen 25th Jul 2012
wow that sounds fantastic, definitly will try, thankyou for sharing
talita 25th Jul 2012
Thank you Ron, what a great idea!
Ron 19th Jul 2012
A new activity has been posted by a Golden Carers member: Armchair travel