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Michelle 17th Mar 2015 Activities Officer


where could i look to find the correct wording for evualations.
for eg bingo to explain the benits of bingo
Robyn 16th Oct 2013 CEO

I would like to share some photos of last years Melbourne cup celebrations. We usually hold yabby races where the residents buy and name a yabby then race it. Last year we purchased blow up horses, dressed the staff up in jockey silks and held our own Melbourne Cup. The residents again chose the name for their horse and the winner received a gold cup and prize. Everyone had a great time.....
Heather 15th May 2013 Recreation Activities Officer

Mothers Day celebration High Care Unit.

Not only did our residents have a great time so did our families and staff.

We started with a high tea for morning tea with minature cup cakes, then had games to involve the men, their job was to put nappies on the doll. We used cloth nappies then introduced them to the disposal nappy.

One of our ladies judged the best one. Laughter all round, even our CEO got involved.

Our room was decorated very family orientated with ironing board and washing on the line, I had dolls on the floor as though the children were playing games, and even one sleeping in the bassinet.

The ladies played put the dummy in the babies mouth.

It's amazing how many mums could do this blind folded. One lady told me, this is easy as mums have eyes at the back of their heads. lol

This was a day full of fun, smiles and lots of laughter.

Our men enjoyed it so much they are talking about what we can do for fathers day.

I hope you enjoy our pictures as much as we enjoyed our day. regards Heather
Chris 1st Oct 2009 leisure and lifestyle

Kerry 1st Oct 2009 Diversional Therapist

charry 19th Sep 2009


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