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Activities for August Calendar Events

If you missed out on having an Italian theme day in June, here is another opportunity, the Ferragosto Festival.
Ferragosto or Assumption Day in the Christian calendar is an Italian national holiday celebrated on August 15. This festival in Italy is commemorated with parades, fireworks, markets and dancing performances. However, the festival is also commemorated in many other countries where Italian people emigrated; countries such as The United States, Australia, New Zealand, Brazil, Mexico and Argentina amongst others. It is a great day for Italians and non Italians alike to celebrate all things Italian!

In Australia & NZ, we've been having some cold mornings and one sure way to enjoy them is sitting by the sun; sheltered from the wind; and doing some needle work. So, start a 'Winter Club' at your facility. The ideas provided are easy to make and offer an opportunity for reminiscing as well as promoting friendship. These cute felt figures can be given as presents or hung around the house or bedrooms as decorations.

I have also provided the recipe of a garlic soup which I make for my family every winter. This soup is not only nutritious and delicious but also very good to help people to convalesce from colds and chills.

Have a great month ahead!

Here are some calendar activities for August:

It's still Winter in the Southern Hemisphere!


Winter Craft Club

Salt Dough Magnets

Winter Wonderland Crossword

Gluhwein Recipe

Winter Craft - Snow Flakes

Winter Craft - Hanging Leaves

Garlic Soup & Trivia

Winter Trivia

12th - International Youth Day
International Youth Day is celebrated every year on August 12. Its purpose is to draw attention to the problems young people face today and to unite and celebrate youth worldwide.

13th - International Left-Handers Day
August 13 marks the designated International Lefthanders Day; first observed in 1976. The main idea was to promote awareness of the inconveniences left-hand people face in everyday life. It also celebrates their uniqueness.

15th - Ferragosto Festival Activities

The full range of August activities are available here: August Activities

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