Blog Post Published January 2011

Activities for February Calendar Events

February is teeming with events and celebrations. After a slow month in January, you can start in earnest to reflect on the changes you want for the year ahead.

Does your 'Monthly Activities Program' need improvement? Should some activities be omitted and new ones put in place? Does your 'Community Outings Program' need innovation? Set the dates for fund-raising, volunteer's luncheon, entertainers and guest speakers for the year.

Our industry has one thing in common; we, recreation and leisure staff have commitment and passion for our clients and our jobs and I know you will have a great year!

Dates to remember in February:

February 3 - Chinese New Year!
Celebrate by wearing red which the Chinese believe drives away bad luck. Talk to your Chef and have a day where Chinese lunch is served. Decorate your place with lanterns and dragons!

February 6 - New Zealand celebrates Waitangi Day
The signing of the Treaty of Waitangi in 1840 took place at the Bay of Islands. Present were representatives of the British Crown and various Maori chiefs. Test your knowledge with a quiz.

February 14 - Valentine's Day
Express love and appreciation for each other on this date. Whether you give Valentine's cards, roses, chocolates, singing telegrams; make sure you tell someone you love them. Give them a hug for good measure.


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