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Activities for June Calendar Events

Well, half of the year is gone, can you believe it? Don't think that I am complaining; I am enjoying every minute of it. The speed of time is just one reason we should not let anxiety or concern prevent us from experiencing life in its full magnificence!

Our colleagues in the Northern Hemisphere are celebrating Summer and Father's Day, and on our side of the World it's time for socks, warm fire places and Gluhwein.

I would like to apologize for those who haven't as yet received a reply from Golden Carers. We have been very busy trying to answer everybody. Thank you for your patience.

Have a great Father's Day!

Here are some calendar activities for June:

1st - Winter in the Southern Hemisphere

Salt Dough Magnets

Gluhwein Recipe

Winter Craft - Snow Flakes

Winter Craft - Hanging Leaves

2nd - Italian National Day (Festa della Republica)

5th - Arbour Day (NZ) Activities

7th - Queen's Birthday (NZ) and 14th Queen's Birthday (Australia except WA)

8th - World Oceans Day

19th - Fathers Day (US, Canada & UK)

20th - Summer (Northern Hemisphere) Activities

Paper Plate Sunflowers

Summer Yarn Balls

Recycled Dream Spring Tree

Contact paper mobiles

Recycled Crayon Sun Catchers

Coffee Filter Sun Flowers

Desert Terrarium

Recycled carton Bird Feeder

Spring Flowers & Butterflies

Egg carton Spring Flowers

Other new activities to enjoy in June:

The full range of June activities are available here: June Activities


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