Blog Post Published February 2011

Activities for March Calendar Events

March is nearly here and it's time for some interesting activities and events to entertain and perhaps educate our clients. Besides the ever popular St Patrick's Day, March has a couple of excellent dates to celebrate, see below!

March 1 - Autumn (Southern Hemisphere)

Autumn Tree
March 8 - Shrove Tuesday / Mardi Gras

Pancake Day Party

March 8 - International Women's Day
Celebrate International Women's Day to honour women's success throughout the world

March 17 - St Patrick's Day

March 20 - Spring (Northern Hemisphere)

March 25 - National Day of Greece


Greek culture is rich in so many ways, from ancient times to the present day; it is a country of great scholars, philosophers, music, food and wine. A Greek Themed Party should be part of your yearly calendar.

Thank you to those who contributed to the activities. There will be soon a special place where all contributions will be displayed.

In April we will have some documentation samples which have been requested by a few people and also more samples on managing behaviour and evaluation of care plans.

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