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Activities for November Calendar Events

For November, I have put together some activity suggestions for 'Dementia Specific' clients. They work best in small groups (three to four people) or 'one to one' interaction.

Different versions of some of the suggested activities can be bought from aged care recreation supply shops. Alternatively, you may also consider enlisting the help of more able clients to help prepare some of these activities in a craft session. Most people love to help others and this promotes social bonding and immense satisfaction. Choose crafts they are able to do and pass the more difficult ones to volunteers.

It is nearly time for the 'Melbourne Cup' again on the first Tuesday in November and Thanksgiving on November 24; great dates to observe and have fun. Remembrance Day is on November 11 and Advent starts on Sunday, November 27.

Remember to get organised for December 5 when we celebrate 'International Volunteers Day'. It is important to recognize volunteers' dedication of time, talents and energy to the community.

Show your gratitude by pampering them with a luncheon or a luscious morning/afternoon tea. Hand out 'Certificate of Appreciation' and if possible present them with a small gift. I have included a couple of craft activities which could be used as presents for volunteers.

I wish you all a great November!

New Dementia specific activities:

Here are some November calendar activities:

1st - Melbourne Cup

5th - Guy Fawkes Night



11th - Remembrance Day
'Remembrance Day' on November 11 is an important Commonwealth holiday to commemorate the sacrifices of our armed forces in times of war. Download the instructions from the website to plan the service. Make poppies flowers to wear on that day.

14th - Claude Monet's Birthday
Claude Monet, the French artist was born on November 14; 1840. I have included a template of water lilies for creative expression.

25th - Thanksgiving
Thanksgiving in The United States falls on November 25 and is one of the most popular holidays of the year. Here are some Thanksgiving activities to help you celebrate:

27th - How to celebrate the Advent Season
The Advent Season marks the beginning of the Church Year for most churches in the Western tradition. Advent is a period of spiritual preparation before Christmas, celebrated by many Christians. The date falls on different days each year but it is usually between November 27 and December 3. This year it starts on November 28, the last Sunday of the month and goes on for four Sundays till Christmas. The primary colour of the Advent season is purple. See activity on how to observe this Christian tradition.

Other November Activities

The full range of November activities are available here: November Activities

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