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Activities for October Calendar Events

Here we are almost in October, barely twelve weeks before Christmas!

If you would like to stage a skit, play or pantomime for the residents at Christmas, it is time to start rehearsing. This event adds mirth and merry-making to this most delightful season. The examples I provide are merely to give you ideas; change the dialogue if you wish or make another fairytale into a skit or play. Involve staff and volunteers, the more the merrier!

Cinderella Christmas Play
Christmas Pantomine - Pinocchio

4th October - World Animal Day

10th October - Columbus Day (USA), Native American Day (South Dakota), Thanksgiving (Canada)
The United States and some Central and South America countries celebrate 'Columbus Day' on October 10, in honour of the great European explorer arrival in the Americas.

Christopher Columbus Word Search #1
Columbus Day Word Search #2

On the same day, Hawaii celebrates 'Discoverers Day' with the arrival of Polynesians to the Island and South Dakota celebrates the 'Native American Day' to honour of the American natives. These are all rather interesting dates and worthy of celebration.
American Native Tribes Word Search

Canadians celebrate 'Thanksgiving' a few weeks before their American neighbours. Canadian Thanksgiving is all about their gratitude over the bountiful harvest season.
Thanksgiving Havest Word Search

25th October - Picasso's Birthday
Our art templates this month can be used to commemorate the birthday of Pablo Picasso who was born on October, 25.

Picasso Inspired Art Templates

31st October - Halloween
Caution should be taken when celebrating 'Halloween' in Australia and New Zealand; it is a pagan event and sometimes offensive to some people. Make sure your management and residents are O.K. with its celebration.

Oktoberfest is a 16-day festival held each year in Munich, Bavaria, Germany, running from late September to early October. This year it starts on September 17th.


Have a great month!

The full range of October activities are available here: October Activities


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