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Activities for September Calendar Events

5th - Labour Day
Labour Day is commemorated on the first Sunday of September in US and Canada; Mexico and other countries combine this date with May Day and in Australia, there is no fixed date, each state and Territory has a different date. Labour Day is a worthy date to celebrate and provide an opportunity for reminiscing.

8th - International Literacy Day
UNESCO has declared September 8 'International Literacy Day'; it focuses attention on the literacy needs of people around the world. It is hard to believe that an estimated 780 million adults around the world do not know how to read (two thirds of them are women).
Story Book Reminiscing Activity

21st - International Day of Peace
The United Nations has set September 21 as the International Day of Peace; another worthwhile celebration. These sorts of celebrations inform and include residents in the current affairs of the World.
Here's an activity to help you celebrate: How to host an International Day of Peace New!

22nd - World maritime Day
World maritime Day falls on September 22. It celebrates the maritime industry's contribution towards the world's economy.

28th - Jewish New Year
Rosh Hashanah also known as the Jewish New Year starts on September 28 at sundown. This date is commemorated with personal introspection and prayers. Assist your residents of this faith to achieve the spiritual growth they yearn for.

4th - Fathers Day (AU & NZ)
Happy Father's Day for Australians and New Zealanders!

Other Activities
A couple of puzzles suitable for individual and group activities. If you use them in a small group setting (2 to 4 people) it is recommended enlarging the puzzles to A3 size and placing them on a white board for all to see.


September Riddle 1

September Riddle 2

Piggy Riddle

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