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Activities for the Brisbane Ekka Show Day

The most iconic 10 day festival for Queenslanders starts on August 11.

The Queensland Agricultural Show or 'Ekka' as locals call it, is organized by the Royal National Agricultural and Industrial Association of Queensland (RNA) and it is held at the Brisbane Exhibition showgrounds. More than 600,000 visitors are expected to visit the 10 day festival this year.

This event, in its 134th years since establishment features a variety of exhibits such as livestock, crop produce, fashion, cuisine, arts and crafts and more.

The side shows are great; animal parades, pantomimes, wood chopping competition, sheep shearing, music, fun rides, equestrian events and of course the show bags!

As a result of the Ekka vast cultural significance, a public holiday is held in Queensland half way through the festival (Wednesday, August 17).

Here are a few ideas on how to celebrate Ekka.

Host a 'Show Day'; run an art competition and include as many residents as possible.

Choose art activities that work best for your residents. One idea that can work well for some people is to run a themed art competition, for instance 'Seeds and Pulses' (see picture) or 'Paper Airplanes' or even 'Legumes and Vegetables' arrangements like the beautiful ones you see at the Ekka every year. Be careful not to offend some people with this one, some folks thinks it is a waste of good produce. However, if you decide for this one, buy seasonal produce; it doesn't have to be top quality.

View all EKKA activities in the August calendar

Have a great holiday!

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