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Aged Care Crisis: Australia

Articles of interest

With the looming federal election in Australia, aged care is back in the spotlight.
Here are some interesting articles from the media this week:

Aged care groups urge politicians to embrace further reforms to improve lives of older Australians (Source: ABC News)

- Australia's population is ageing
- In 40 years almost a quarter of Australians will be 65 and over
- More than 3 million will need aged care

Aged care workers say nursing home patients are suffering due to staff shortages (Source: ABC News)

- Understaffed and underpaid, does this sound familiar?
- There is no mandatory minimum staff-to-patient ratio
- Not enough support for aged care workers

The over-50s will be flexing political muscle (Source: The Courier Mail)

- Australian voters aged over 50 comprise 47 per cent of voters
- Ageism continues to pervade attitudes, this needs to change
- Demands designed to make life easier for an ageing population.

Dementia-friendly communities can improve care and save money
(Source: The Guardian)

- A feel-good, inspiring story about a dementia-friendly town in England
- Providing short courses for shop assistants, taxi drivers and hairdressers!
- Intergenerational work is important


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Talita on Questions | 15th August 2013

Many thanks to those of you who completed our Student Survey.

If there are any other students - past or present - would like to provide some feedback on how we can improve our website for students, we would love to hear from you.

The survey is anonymous, there are 10 questions and it should only take a couple of minutes.

Student Survey

Thanks for your support!

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Deb on Living Eggs Program | 14th August 2013


Thank you for your help. We finally heard back from the living eggs organisation and they advised us that their server crashed that is why they lost our bookings and all our emails etc.
We left a lot of phone messages but they never got them either.
So now I'm pleased to say that we will visit us on the 19th August.
Yippie!! Thanks once again Deb

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zewariah on The Price is Right Game | 14th August 2013

can u please let me know about the game board

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zewariah on Rosh HaShanah Apple and Honey Cream | 14th August 2013

can you please inform me to when this event is taking place

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Pauline on Colouring-in for September | 14th August 2013

please, please can we have more colouring in like these as my residents love landscapes and for residents with dementia intermediate landscapes are difficult to find.

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Christine on Questions | 14th August 2013

Has Golden Carers thought of having a vacancies section so that RAOs and rec staff have a forum to look for jobs in the industry?

Just a suggestion...

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Iranthie on Colouring-in for September | 10th August 2013

such an informative web site. Love all your activities. I am a carer, but now I want to get into work as a Life Style Assistant. So much we can do with our dementia residents. Well done for creating this web site.

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