Blog Post Published April 2009

Culture & Alzheimer

Last month I attended a seminar on "Culture & Alzheimer" at the QUT campus. The presenter was Professor Carole Cox of Fordham University, New York. Mrs Cox elaborated on the role of culture in shaping perceptions and beliefs in response to cognitive impairment and dementia.

She had various examples of how cultures differ, in its attitudes, values and prejudices. Therefore, she continues there is urgency for the Aged Care Industry to develop appropriate cultural interventions with a 'Cultural Sensitive' diagnostic tool (which apparently is on the making).

She emphasized the importance for staff to become culturally competent to cater for different groups' specific needs and concerns. She had tips on how to incorporate culture into care.

Most interesting was the Q & A when we found out that the industry in the USA is in a very similar stage as our own in Australia.

Make sure to check out the Activities for Alzheimers & Dementia.

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