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Tracy on Salt Dough Magnets | 10th October 2012

Hi all, Our day club (demential specific) has just completed this activity with a group of pre-school children who meet with us each month. We did it over 2 months.Created one month, painted the next. It was a fantastic activity. And even though some of our creations were on the "odd" side, the activity itself was so worthwhile. It was a great bonding activity to be part of.

eirwen on Feedback | 10th October 2012

I just wanted to thankyou for such an amazing website. This is my first Leisure and life job and your sight has been wonderful and all the residents are delighted with all their new activities and quizes.

Marilyn on Difficult Behaviour Care Plan 1 | 9th October 2012

Love it. I will come back again and again.

Shirley on Reminiscing Cards

Our residents enjoyed helping me make these cards today and we look forward to using them next week, many thanks - Shirley NSW

Valerie on Feedback | 6th October 2012

I have just joined in the last few days and I am finding this site so wonderful and interesting. You have made my job so much easier. Thank you very much
Val from NZ

Judy on Balloon Playing | 6th October 2012

I get the residents playing 'Team Balloon Challenge' most Friday afternoons. I string a rope up onto 2 walkers at each end. On each side of the rope I have 3 residents either in wheelchairs or sitting on chairs. I have a whistle and we start the game. No bats, only using hands and one balloon. We trial a couple of balloons just to make sure we have the 'right' one to play with. One game is up to 11 points. The rules are ... Read more

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