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Australia Day activities for the elderly

I would like to extend a warm welcome to the Golden Carers community in this first newsletter of 2013.
I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful festive season with family and friends.

May 2013 bring you health and happiness!


Here are some events to celebrate in January

General Activities

Elvis Presley's Birthday

Sundance Film Festival

Martin Luther King Day

Australia Day
Get into the spirit of Australia Day with these fun activities!

Australian Indigenous Dot Painting

Australian Bookmarks for Australia Day

Collage with gum nuts and leaves


Lunch at the Bay

Mullet throwing Competition

How to celebrate Australia Day

Thong throwing Game

Miss Mullet Contest

C'mon Aussie

Australia Day Quiz

Aus. Day Quiz 2

Australian Slang Quiz

Australia Day Word Search

Aus. Explorers Word Search

Australia Day Trivia

Australian Jokes for Australia Day

Australia Day Damper Recipe

Paper Chains for Australia Day
Thank you for your feedback...

We appreciate the feedback we receive each day. Don't forget to comment on activities you have tried for the benefit of the whole community. Below are a sample of some recent comments...

Patricia on Word Lists for Group Games | 7th January 2013

I use this activity to finish my exercise session with our Low Care residents. It gives mental stimulation. Whatever the topic, there is no such thing as a wrong answer. Favourite flowers and colours are an easy way to introduce this activity. Have used the periodic table, that really offered a challenge.

Valerie Paper Airplanes | 6th January 2013

Making airplanes sounds like a great idea. Do you have any templates as I only know how to make one sort. Love your site.

Joanne on Word Games | 5th January 2013

We do this and call it Build a Word...the residents love this activity

Sandra Questions | 4th January 2013

Hi I just wanted to thank everyone for their helpful advice regarding the large Dice. Madeline I went to Harts Sports at Zillmere and was blown away with the amount of great resources they had. Thank you for the tip. Harts Sports its worth checking out heaps of great resources.

Kelly on Feedback | 3rd January 2013

I only joined Golden Carers tonight secretly wondering if I was going to waste my money when I hit the 'join now' button, well I have now been sitting in front of my computer for hours with my eye balls hanging out of my head, wanting to go to sleep and just can't sign off.

I will definitely be bragging about this at work tomorrow & trialing a lot of these ideas in the weeks to come. I will not be missing out on sending my feedback in.

What a fantastic site !! Keep up the good work......


Gwendolyn Feedback | 3rd January 2013

I work in a 12 bed facility and use you quizes etc regularly thankyou for the variety

Bronwyn on Inspirational Short Story - The Scottish Farmer | 31st December 2012

Wow, I loved this and cannot wait to share this story with my residents.

Karen on One-on-One Visits | 30th December 2012

Hi, I have completed Cert IV in lifestyle and leisure. Currently I am working in a hospice and wondered how I would go about setting up a program for people with a terminal illness. Thanks for your help

Jessie on How to celebrate Elvis Presley's Birthday | 29th December 2012

Just like to say thanks for all the wonderful activities you have made available for January and especially Australia Day

Kate on Dream Weaving | 27th December 2012

hi everyone - asking for suggestions and ideas on how to convince the residents to write down what they would love to do like the above examples. no one will put their name on the suggestion forms and placce them in the the suggestion box We'd dearly love to be able to help a resident to fulfil their dreams and wishes ie: plane ride etc. can anyone help ? kathy - and happy new year :)

Anne on Word Games | 23rd December 2012

We did this at my work place . We performed it at our staff Christmas party first and then at the residents' party. All sections of workers were involved. Lots of fun to do and residents,family members and staff are still laughing about it.

The 2013 calendar is available here: 2013 Calendar of Events

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