Blog Post Published August 2007

Cat predicts death

I just read an amazing story about a cat in a Nursing Home in the USA that can predict the death of residents. The cat, Oscar, who isn't even very social, seems to have a sixth sense. He has 'predicted' more than 25 deaths in the Nursing Home by seeking the company of those near the end of life. It has come to a point where health staff will call the patient's relatives when Oscar is found sitting on their beds.

I find this fascinating and I will soon be writing an article on Pet Therapy. I would like to hear other people's experience on this subject.

Read the full article on Oscar on the link below and don't forget to listen to the 2 minutes audio. Very interesting!


Yvonne 17th Jun 2009


I have to agree with this article. Our cat Jasper has been sitting on beds or outside doorways of some of our sick residents. The last resident did find comfort in him sitting on her bed. He provides unconditional love.
Talita 16th Aug 2007


Wow, what an interesting article! It's amazing how much more we have to learn.

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