Blog Post Published February 2010

Celebrate International Women's Day

Make March 8, 2010 a day to remember!
Celebrate the achievements of WOMEN all day long. Involve all staff, RNs, support staff, nurses and management!

  1. Make an exhibition of all female art work gathered in the last few months.

  2. Hold a contest to find out who is the most extraordinary person within your facility among staff and residents.

  3. Have a concert with female entertainers only.

  4. Hold a discussion on subjects that concern women.

  5. Invite female relatives from a different culture to give a talk on their country, customs and food.

  6. Have a game where residents will name 3 of a kind; female rock musicians, TV cooks, politicians, comedians, etc.

  7. Take female residents on a mystery drive to see something daring such as rock climbing or surfers in action.

  8. Take a group to a city sponsored “International Women’s Day Breakfast” to hear someone important to talk.

  9. Organise with management and kitchen staff to hold a special lunch such as a BBQ or Chicken & Champagne.
  10. Finish the day by hiring a movie such as: Casablanca, Beaches, Steel Magnolias, Gone with the Wind, Cat on a Hot Tin Roof.

Happy International Women’s Day!


Christine 4th Mar 2010


Im organising an IWD lunch at our small club. I will be having the ladies from our care centre be bought for the lunch and the one is 98 she is the oldest lady in our community so I will have her cut the cake and give her a special certificate and gift. The next oldest is 92 so Ill also do something special for her.

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