Blog Post Published October 2009

Celebrating Melbourne Cup!

The first Tuesday in November is time to party! Melbourne Cup is on again and in Australia life comes to a halt so that everyone can watch the race.

Recreation Therapists in Australia should make this day a very special one. Activities relating to races and horses should be held throughout the day, and a very special luncheon should be arranged, 'Chicken & Champagne' is a good choice.

Start your celebrations around 10:00am with the 'Horse-Race' and the 'Hat Parade' games; well before the big race starts. Don't forget the sweeps; all tickets must be sold at least 3 hours before the Melbourne Cup race.

Have fun with the Melbourne Cup themed Word Search, Crossword and Quiz too!

Happy Melbourne Cup Day!



Solange 14th Jul 2012 Diversional Therapist


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