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Christmas Tips for Recreation Therapists

  1. Raise money for your activities fund by holding a Xmas Hamper Raffle!

    • Start by placing a decorated basket or a large box at the entrance of your facility (near reception) with a large banner that says "Please donate items for our Xmas Hamper Raffle". To inspire people, place a packet of biscuits and a jar of Cranberry Sauce inside the basket.
    • Start selling tickets for the raffle as soon as possible.
    • Once you have enough donations, decorate the basket with colourful paper and ribbons.
    • Draw the raffle before lunch time on Christmas day and place the name of the winner where the basket was.

  2. Delegate tasks to staff and volunteers and keep your eyes on the big picture: a harmonious, homely, happy and unforgettable Christmas Season!

  3. Involve residents and their relatives with the decoration of your facility. You may be surprised by how much some will enjoy it.

  4. Buy Christmas wrapping paper when it goes on sale.

  5. Don’t wait until the last minute to wrap residents’ presents, ask volunteers to do it for you if you are too busy.

  6. Place presents under the Christmas tree, each present should have a name on it so you know who it's for when the time comes!

  7. Have a ‘Thank You’ morning tea for your volunteers in early December with refreshments and finger food or ask each person to bring a plate to share.

  8. Place a Christmas decoration on the door of each resident’s room.

  9. Visit the Principal of your nearest Public School and arrange for a group of children to come and sing Christmas Carols with the residents. Give the children refreshments and a cookie for their efforts.

  10. Schedule one-to-one visits with withdrawn residents. They are vulnerable during the Festive Season and really need some tender loving care.

  11. Don’t be a martyr! Let people help you and be grateful for it.

  12. If you are a little overwhelmed this year, take a deep breath and soldier on and remember to start next year's Xmas preparations in the first week in October (Xmas crafts, program for Christmas, lists of what to buy, engaging community agencies, etc.)

I wish you, your family and your residents a very Merry Christmas and a safe New Year full of health and harmony.
Merry Christmas!


Sancha 22nd Nov 2011 Personal Carer


At our Respite Centre here in Gladstone Qld, we are involving the clients in helping to make rum balls, white Christmas etc. Putting hats and aprons and gloves on, they love being part of the preparation for Christmas! Sancha 22nd November 2011
Wendy 11th Dec 2010 Recreational Therapist


Sent an e-mail to you. Enjoyed the Christmas Tips.

Wendy Nettleton (Sydney)
Shirley 15th Nov 2010 Diversional Therapist


Solange I wrote a little while back to say I was having difficulties logging in to Golden Carers. Well it seems that my temperamental computer was playing with me and I have now successfully been able to log in after taking a break and having a cuppa. Sorry to you for any inconvienience I may have caused. Please bear with me as I get used to the computer and your sight which I think is going to be a great resource for me when I work it all out. Shirley Freestun
Gillian 11th Nov 2010 Lifestyle Coordinator


Hooray - love this kind of info

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