Blog Post Published August 2013

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Here are some interesting articles from the media around the world this week.
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Aged Care wages can't be ignored (Source: NCAH , Australia)

- 98% of PCAs, AINs and ENs believe they do not receive a fair wage
- Large disparity in wage rates: aged care facilities vs public hospitals.
- Nurse to patient ratios in the aged care sector can be as high as 20 to 1

Bring in flexible hours for carers (Source: The Guardian, UK)

- Britain's health secretary says a change of attitude is needed
- Employers to provide flexible hours for workers who care for elderly relatives
- Britain is facing a 'dementia time bomb' with a rapidly ageing population.

Equal Pay Court Ruling (Source: Fairfax, New Zealand)

- Industry criticised for bias over 'women's work'
- Kristine has worked in aged care for decades but is paid just $14.46 p/h
- Court rejected employers argument that because its four male workers were paid similarly low rates, it did not discriminate against women.

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