Blog Post Published November 2007

Conference Update


Last week I attended the Total Aged Care 'Dementia & Recreation' Conference in Melbourne. This first day was for me very monotonous and repetitive with presenters going over some basic subjects for the umpteen times. The second day was more informative and interesting with updates on insurance, recreational research, multicultural issues and integration x segregation. Overall, it was worthwhile.

On the same subject, there were a lot of companies selling their wares, books, games, music and videos. I made a very silly mistake which I would like to relate so you can learn from my experience. I bought a CD without first listening to it. The CD in question had the grand title of 'Catching Dust in Mid Air'. The melodies and lyrics were supposed to have been composed by carers of dementia people. Great idea! However the CD is in my opinion appallingly bad; silly lyrics, over the top melodies and strident singers aiming at high notes they can't reach. Disappointing! Beware of un-listened CDs!!



Karyn 4th Sep 2011


Hi there - sorry to disagree with you. I have been caring for 11 years with CFS and other issues. For me this CD is cathartic, excellent and enjoyable. It gave voice to so many things I was feeling and could nto express. How did they know what wasgoing on in my head? Try listening for for the lyrics... it has been such a help in healing for me. tahnk you to all who performed, wrote and produced it.

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