Blog Post Published February 2009

Dementia Research

Last week I was listening to ABC radio when Margaret Throsby introduced her morning guest; Dr. Michael J. Valenzuela, Research Fellow at the School of Psychiatry, University of New South Wales.

Dr. Valenzuela has written a book called "It's Never Too Late to Change Your Mind". Using the latest research Dr. Valenzuela explain Dementia; what it is and what causes it. He also gives advice on how to avoid it.

He advocates the importance of having a healthy heart because there is a link between vascular health and dementia. He goes on to explain that diabetes and high cholesterol are linked with dementia as well.

What I really found exciting was the fact that Dr. Valenzuela suggests mental activities that promotes brain growth! I have ordered the book and I intend to pass on his advice to you in the future.


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