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Easter Activities & Community Feedback

The 31st of March is EASTER SUNDAY

Easter Quiz - Religious

Recycled Easter Baskets

Easter Word Finder

Easter Banner!

Easter Crossword - Secular

Easter Quiz 2 - Mixed Religious / Secular

Tissue Paper Sun Catchers - Easter Bunny

Recycled Crayon Sun Catchers

Egg carton Spring Flowers

Easter Egg Decorations

Easter Colouring-in Templates

Easter Bonnets

Festive Wall Art Craft

Easter Bunny Baskets

Hopping Bunnies
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Below are some recent activity ideas submitted by Golden Carers Members.
Please share your ideas and activity photos here!

How to celebrate Harmony Day

Anzac Day Wreaths made from plastic spoons


Number Plate Quiz

Thank you for your feedback...

We appreciate the feedback we receive each day. Don't forget to comment on activities you have tried for the benefit of the whole community. Below are a sample of some recent comments...

Michelle on Birthday Celebration Song | 27th March 2013

This is fantastic, I am going to try it out with my hostel residents tomorrow, thanks Debbie

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Bev on Questions | 26th March 2013

We have been using the same sit dance program for our morning exercise for years and it is very repetitive. Does anyone have any suggestions for something new except not zumba?

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Fiona on Feedback | 25th March 2013

Thanks for a wonderful site. It was by accident that I came across your site when I was trying to find suitable activities for our 20 bed rest home in New Zealand. All activities I have tried have all been very successful. Just love this site. Many Thanks

Fiona, Activities Co-ordinator, New Zealand

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karen on ANZAC Day Service | 21st March 2013

we always hold our service the day before and have the local r.s.l come in and assist as they alsoarrange a wreath laying service this works very well for our residents
karen n.s/w

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Joanne on Story Book Reminiscing Activity | 21st March 2013

I have previously done this activity...I borrowed books from the Library, checked out the second hand shop and borrowed books from around the facililty and photocopied the covers (in A3), laminated them and used them as prompts for the residents to remember...some even borrowed the books to read later. It also makes you want to read them again too...especially the children's ones.

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SUZY on Ivy Wreaths for Remembrance/Anzac Day | 21st March 2013

I love the idea of the experiencing some opposition to do this activities as there are some comments that it would be somewhat disturbing/bring about sad memories.............i personally don't agree............has any one had a bad experience with there dementia clients??? totally enjoy the Golden Carers site

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Karen on April Fool's Day Word Search | 20th March 2013

great activity ideas

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Kaye on Questions | 20th March 2013

can anyone help with names of entertainers in the Brisbane area who would come to our respite centre please?
Cheers Kaye

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Trish on Themed Sing-along - Songs starting with: I'm | 20th March 2013

Hi, what a great idea. Cheers Trish

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Helena on Treat Trolley | 19th March 2013

I am in the process of getting this setup with the help of a resident who will walk around our village for me. Can't wait to see how it goes.

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Julie on Questions | 19th March 2013

Hi All
I am in Brisbane, Qld. Working in low care unit with small dementia population.
I am looking for some entertainment - especially would love something like a performing dog act etc.
Please feel free to contact me with your ideas or links


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The full list of April activities are available here: April Activities

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