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Elder Care Activities for April

Easter is around the corner and there are a multitude of ways to enjoy this holiday in both religious and secular ways.
Support those with strong Christian beliefs by facilitating religious services and Church outings.

Easter has also links to the ancient pagan festival that celebrated Spring and which has the decoration of eggs as its widely used symbol. Either way, it is a time of celebration and feasting.

Happy Easter holidays!

1st April Fool's Day Activities
Words that start with 'Ap' UPDATED
April Fool's Day Word Search
Famous April Fools Day Pranks NEW
2nd International Children’s book Day Activities
Story Book Reminiscing Activity
Stories for International Book Day NEW
8th Easter Activities
Easter Quiz - Religious
Recycled Easter Baskets
Easter Word Finder
Easter Banner!
Easter Crossword - Secular
Easter Quiz 2 - Mixed Religious / Secular
Tissue Paper Sun Catchers - Easter Bunny
Recycled Crayon Sun Catchers
Egg carton Spring Flowers
Egg Salad & Hindu Eggs
Easter Colouring-in Templates
Easter Bonnets
Festive Wall Art Craft
Easter Bunny Baskets NEW
Hopping Bunnies NEW
15th World Creativity and Innovation Week Activities
How to celebrate International Creativity and Innovation Week NEW
Multicultural Sing-Along NEW
Mosaic Tiles made from colourful paper NEW
Mosaic Tiles for decorating NEW
16th Emancipation Day (US) Activities
Emancipation Day Word Finder
22nd International Mother Earth Day Activities
Mother Earth Word Search NEW
25th Anzac Day Activities
Anzac day Quiz
Ivy Wreaths for Remembrance/Anzac Day
Anzac day Quiz 2
ANZAC Day Service
Trivia about Australia and New Zealand NEW
27th Arbor Day (US) Activities
Arbour Day Quiz
Arbour Day Word Finder
Trees of the World Word Search
1st General Activities Activities
Words that start with 'Ap' UPDATED
Words that start with 'Th' NEW
Sidney Nolan Art Templates NEW
Themed Sing-along - Songs starting with: I'm NEW
Fun Riddle NEW

The full range of April activities are available here: April Activities

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