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Elder Care Activities for August

The first two celebrations of August brings together dates that complement each other for many people. So, raise your glass of beer or shandy on August 5 to mark International Friendship Day and International Beer Day! Both dates have been celebrated for a few years very successfully. If you don't like beer, then spend some quality time with good friends on 'Friendship Day' instead.

5th International Friendship Day Activities
Ideas to help you celebrate International Friendship Day NEW
5th International Beer Day Activities
Celebrating International Beer Day NEW
Beer Quiz NEW
International Beer Party Trivia NEW
Jokes for International Beer Day NEW
Beer Sayings & Quotes NEW
9th Ekka - The Queensland Agricultural Show Activities
Art with Seeds and Pulses
Paper Airplanes
How to host a Show Day
Knock Them Down Game NEW
Ring Toss NEW
9th World Indigenous Day Activities
Trivia - The Legend of the 'Dream Catcher' NEW
How to make a Dream Catcher NEW
Pom-Pom Poi Dancing Balls NEW
Aboriginal Clapping Music Sticks NEW
Maori Mask Templates for colouring NEW
Australian Indigenous Dot Painting.
Aboriginal Art Templates for Colouring
12th International Youth Day Activities
International Youth Day - how to celebrate
International Youth Day Word Search
13th International Left-handers Day Activities
Left-Hand Word Search
15th Ferragosto Festival Activities
Italian Quiz
The Legend of Tarantella Word Finder
Italian Food Quiz
Tips on how to host an Italian Day
Singing in Italian
Bocce Balls Game

The full range of August activities are available here: August Activities

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