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Elder care activities for February

Welcome to the February newsletter. I hope that by now you have your major annual events sorted out by dates for the year ahead. If not, now is time for you to start thinking about it. It is so much easier if you set at least tentative dates for events; you may change the dates if necessary but at least you will be psychologically prepared and aware of the organization and preparation necessary for a successful outcome.

Here is an article I posted recently regarding how to get organised for creative craft activities.

I have a sample of an 'Annual Events Calendar' for you to take a look. As a rule of thumb you should have at least 3 events as part of your monthly leisure program (save the month of January; we all need a break by then!).

It is important for residents in long-term care to have something to look forward to. These events need not be lavish or stressful; a competition for instance is an elderly activity that can be turned into an event with just some enthusiasm, ingenuity and a little planning. Make sure you have plenty of volunteers so you can delegate a few tasks.

A new celebration this month is the International Mother Language Day which was declared by UNESCO in 1999 and has been ever since gaining momentum all over the world. This date promote awareness of cultural diversity and multilingualism.

6th Waitangi Day (NZ) Activities
14th Valentine's Day Activities
21st Shrove Tuesday / Mardi Gras Activities
21st International Mother Language Day Activities
26th The Oscars Activities

The full range of February activities are available here: February Activities

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